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We translate from English to Tagalog. For millions of Filipinos working abroad as white and blue collar workers, service providers and entrepreneurs, nostalgia for their roots will always move them toward a deeper appreciation of their native language. But on a more pragmatic level, who wouldn't want a more direct communication that speaks right to the heart?

We evaluate English and Tagalog translations. Anybody who knows Tagalog by heart and who speaks this language daily can be a Tagalog translator. Yet each translator lives in a specific milieu and geographical location. These factors greatly affect how he or she will interpret the English text. Another factor is the target audience - older ones are stubborn about their language preferences while younger ones merely want to understand. As we translate, edit, and evaluate we keep these realities in mind to ensure accuracy and faithfulness to meaning.

Aside from featuring Tagalog, our site also offers an objective look at translations to and from three major Filipino languages, namely: Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon. We offer clues on what makes certain translations better than another, and point out language nuances that will help make your English to Tagalog translation more than a product of dictionary search.

FAQ at English to Tagalog
Read answers to FAQ at english to tagalog dot com
Translate into Tagalog
A quick form for a Translate into Tagalog project
English-Tagalog Blog
English to Tagalog blog shares related events, activities, and insights on Translation, Writing, Editing, Publishing, Linguistic Validation and Filipino culture.
Anong Tagalog sa ... Anong English sa...
Anong Tagalog sa. Search for everything that intrigues you about Tagalog, Filipino, and other major languages in the Philippines.
Filipino or Tagalog is there a difference
Filipino or Tagalog? Is there really a difference? For translators, this is an important question to ask.
English to Filipino Taglish A Perspective
English to Filipino Taglish is when English dominates and Engalog, when English dominates.
Grid for Checking Consistency of Philippine Language
Some Questions to Ask in Checking Style of Tagalog, a Philippine Language
Tagalog in Reconciliation
Tagalog in reconciliation in linguistic validation requires a set of rules for a final translation to stand the tests of quality
Translate English to Tagalog Following Peter Newmark's Scale
In order to effectively translate English to Tagalog freelancer needs to be aware of the quality of the text. What kind of writing is it? How good and how bad? Ensures a high quality translation.
Linguistic Validation
Linguistic validation of Tagalog/Filipino translations require more than just hunches. Playing it by ear will probably not be obvious to the clien, but compromises the quality of the translation.
When Tagalog greetings are necessary
Tagalog greetings are necessary when traveling in the Philippines. But the hospitable Pinoy will teach you some
Pinoy-Terms of Endearment
Pinoy Terms of Endearment used in the islands
Sama-sama Kasama
Filipino context in sama-sama kasama mentality. Why would locals be so concerned about poeple having no companion in a journey, a visit, a shopping spree, a party etc.?
Wakes and Funerals Filipino Style
Wakes and funerals Filipino style is an article on some unique beliefs regarding Pinoy's way of honoring their dead.
Filipino values and concepts
Filipino values within the "relationship cluster" focuses on relationships within the family, among extended relations, and within the immediate social and political millieu. Key words: ate at kuya, po at opo, Tagalog honorific, Pamilyang Pinoy
Filipino sense of space
Filipino sense of space is always abstract to the consumer but real to the Pinoy since space is experienced and not merely defined.
Filipino Idioms in Thematic Arrangement
Learn about Filipino Idioms. We have arranged them thematically. We care to make your translations fit your target reader's context.
Resil Mojares' The Haunting of the Filipino Writer
Resil Mojares' The Haunting of the Filipino Writer explores the "shock, seduction, and sin" that caused the Filipino 'soul' to drift away and fall
Filipiniana: Dinah Roma
Filipiniana: Dina Romah is the author of three award-winning poetry collections, A Feast of Origins, Geographies of Light, and Naming the Ruins.
Neil Garcia
Neil Garcia writes on Filipino Post-colonial Poetics, an attempt at a conclusion
Talk in Tagalog
While anybody can talk in Tagalog, not everybody will be able to appropriate the context. Of course, only the native speakers know. But translators will benefit from the exposure to such contexts.