Go to Doon Po Sa Amin

While you are in Batangas City, you may want to have a little R and R while exploring the place for some local color. An alternative to a hotel place is Doon Po Sa Amin, a quiet resort right in the heart of the City. The simplicity of the resort allows for much quiet and meditation hard to experience in a corporate, hotel setting. In fact, in this exclusive place, you choose how you will spend your day. Your family can make it your home for a week. You may want to take a peek of the place here http://www.doonposaamin.wordpress.com.

What is Doon Po Sa Amin?

In this cozy resort there are at least three rooms to share with your tourist friends and a swimming pool for kids and adults. An exclusive down-to-earth kitchen offers you a chance to cook your own meals, if you want to invite some friends over to share food and drinks of your own concoction. The local market is walking distance away, while the SM grocery is a ten-minute ride away in a Jeepney. There is a helper-on-siteyou can rely on and who will run your errands.

The place offers an exclusive treat that caters to your needs. You may request for DPSA Bed and Breakfast catering services if you're staying overnight or more. This catering service offers all-Filipino dishes, but also serves the regular western breakfast of buttered toast with jam, egg and sausage plus the local Batangas Kapeng Barako and a serving of the fruit in season.

If you prefer the comforts of being driven to the places anywhere in Luzon that interests you (and even in the Visayas via the inter-island ROROs), Doon Po Sa Aminstaff will drive you to the places you're going to at reasonable price.You are welcome to rent the DPSA vehicle for your trips.

If you want to hold a family event such as a Birthday Party or a Wedding Reception at DPSA, you may contact 09257171972 or 09175342476 For small to medium sized catering services, contact Wordhouse at 09470684865Doon Po sa Amin will accommodate your needs, you just have to call in advance and reserve either the place or the vehicle.

While in Batangas City sample some unique food treats such as "lomi"(thick noodles with egg and liver), "bulalo"( stew made from beef shanks and marrow bones), and"tapang taal"( marinated choice pork parts with basic soy sauce, kalamansi and enormous amount of garlic). These treats are also offered at Doon Po sa Amin and you can also order them "dine-in" or "to-go" in many restaurants along the highways.

If you're a tourist who isn't that confident going around places in Batangas City because you don't know the language, Doon Po Sa Amin has a Resident Interpreterwho can go with you in your trips around the tourist spots. The interpreter is a native speaker of Tagalog, is well-versed in local history and will help you blend effortlessly with the locals.

You may want tour guide who can go with you anywhere in the countrysides and the metro. In Batangas, you may want to visit the old preserved places, such as Taal and Balayan and buy some souvenirs. A boat ride to Taal Lake is a must activity, and a hike or a horse ride right at the heart of Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world, will cap and complete your Batangas City tour.

 Would you like to visit the beaches of Batangas?

Along the shores of Lemery, Anilao, Lian, Calatagan and San Juan, you will have much more of the tropical experience on beach resorts only 3 to 4 hours away from Manila.

http://www.beachresortfinder.com/directory/batangas/ lists some of these famous resorts. You may not always be able to find white sand and immaculately clean and landscaped resorts, but if you like to have a taste of the regular dipping spots of the common"Tao", those are the places to go.

Families pack their lunches and rent cottages in these places where they hold spontaneous reunions and parties with loved ones and immediate relatives. They bring all sorts of music gadgets, so expect noise since Filipinos just can't last without music of any kind.

But aside from the 'common' beaches, you may want to find out the best locations. In Anilao, if you have the extra dollars to spend, the diving spots are cool favorites.