Editing at Wordhouse

Guidelines for submission of manuscripts for Editing at Wordhouse:

I For unpublished authors

a. Submit a cover letter and a one page bio-data or CV.

b. Submit a summary of your manuscript for editing, three chapters from the beginning, and the ending chapter. (We will not edit unfinished manuscripts.) Please email all of these documents in a zip file. The document must be typed double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides, in short bond paper.


c. Submit a table of contents and a bibliography or a list of books you used or consulted in writing the book (optional after you receive the price quote for the job).


1. We will browse your chapters, advise you on the extent and type of work that needs to be done, and send you a quote.

2. Upon your approval of the quote, we will send you a confirmation sheet, that also serves as a contract. You will sign the confirmation sheet and pay the fifty percent down payment, then we will start the work.

3. We will provide you with a schedule and deadline which you will approve and upon delivery, we shall give you time to go over our work. Expect correspondence all through out the process of editing/translation. We will be asking questions as needed in order to clarify issues related to your content.

4. We will submit within the deadline period and up to the grace period you will provide.

5. We shall meet or talk again to approve and finalize suggestions for the book production of your manuscript (optional)

II For Published Authors

1 Submit a cover letter, a CV including a list of your published works.

2 Submit an abstract of your manuscript, a table of contents, a first and last chapter of the book. (Unfinished manuscripts will not be entertained)

3 Submit your first choice of publisher where you intend to submit your manuscript to (This is necessary so that we can be consistent with the publisher's house style).

4 Submit a list of books that is more or less similar to your book (optional but know your competition).


Same procedures apply. See types of books for prospective editing at wordhouse. 

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