FAQ at English to Tagalog Dot Com

What is english-to-tagalog.com?  https://www.english-to-tagalog.com is the official information website of Wordhouse (since 2004).

What is Wordhouse? Josefina Wordhouse Services offers translation, writing and editing services. The wordhouse team serves both local and international clients (mostly online).

Who are the members of the Wordhouse Team? Wordhouse is a team composed of Five Translation Consultants, each with three preferred members,  that is, an Editor/Back Translator/Reviewer, a Proofreader, and a Forward Translator. Each member is a native speaker of Filipino/ Tagalog; Cebuano/Visaya, Ilocano/Iluco, Hiligaynon / Ilonggo

What are job orders Wordhouse accepts?

                English to Tagalog and vice versa

                English to Cebuano and vice versa

                English to Ilocano and vice versa

                English to Hiligaynon and vice versa


Does Wordhouse subcontract translation jobs? We subcontract to other translators only when more translators are needed. Usually, for bulk projects the native speaker for the language acts as project manager and works with a constant team of three translators.

Who are your clients? Our clients are mostly localization companies and publishing houses which produce translations. But the majority of our clients are local indie and mainstream publishing houses. 

Do you use any TM Tool? TRADOS? WORDFAST? etcetera. We occasionally use WORDFAST but some clients allow us into their system so we know how to use TRADOS as well.

How much is the cost of translation and other services? Online rates stay competitive against other similar-industry rates. Rates are divulged only to inquiring clients and are adjusted depending on the number of bids on a particular job order. For local jobs, rates are more or less flexible. We accept payments by check and bank transfer and also via Paypal.

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You are welcome to browse our website for jobs, and services at english-to-tagalog,  and for other trivia about Tagalog.