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The Wordhouse Filipiniana Library
January 15, 2021

Manigong Bagong Taon!

Welcome to our e-zine! Filipiniana @ Wordhouse would like to share the latest content on language and culture at English-to-Tagalog.Com. English-to-Tagalog dot com translates, edits, proofreads, and validates general, technical, literary, medical, legal, and other text from English into four major Filipino languages namely: Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Ilocano.

But aside from this, our blogs are also sharing

  • Insights on the latest moment/ achievement/ discovery/ sacrifice/ event of Filipino pride.

  • Inspiration culled from Filipino values and traits highlighting identity in the global scenario.

  • Anecdotes - encouraging Filipino good habits and practices toward practical solutions to societal issues.

We review books and essays by Filipino writers from all over the world. Our ambition is for greater global exposure of Filipino cultural treasures, alongside its customs, habits, traditions, and family values.

Usapang Saling-Wika
(About Translation)

The COVID-19 lockdown (GCQ-MECQ) did not prevent team members from visiting their home provinces during the Christmas break, albeit virtually for some. It would have been depressing for any Filipino to not be able to spend Christmas with their family, because this is that time of year when reunions happen organically, with everyone going home for no other reason than just to be home with family and relatives.

With families who met via zoom, the usual "kumustahan" was followed by games and miscellaneous challenges that promised each winner from the family a surprise gift or cash prize to be sent either via Mr. Speedy or LBC. For those who actually went home braving the very real threat of catching the COVID virus on the way, the mere promise of a long restful sleep under the cool December breeze in one's ancestral home was simply irresistible.

And sleep long and tight, we hope everybody did, at least right after the 25th when we probably mulled over old and novel revelations from family lore.

So we had a useful and necessary break from translations during the last two weeks of December, but our prospects have already accelerated this month of January, with a new Cognitive Debfriefing Project on the way. We have been blessed with loyal clients who continue to believe in us and we thank you for patronizing our services.

Usapang Babasahin
(About Books)

We have been reading poetry and we are sharing our appreciation of these new reads. Sometimes, in choosing what Filipiniana books to feature, we get overwhelmed with the task of singling out that quality that keeps us reading. And with poetry, there is always that desire to re-read our favorite poems to ponder those stanzas that make us pause and think.

Both published by the UST press, the first two books we're reading this month of January are. We Shall Write Love Poems Again by Dinah Roma and Anx by Adrian Crisostomo Ho.

Usapang Pitik Titik
(About Writing)

And since we have been reading poetry at Filipiniana@Wordhouse, we have embarked on a writing clinic featuring your poems if you are interested in submitting them to our website. You may consider the following as sample attempts at enforcing this workshop which we call "Pitik-Titik".

Usapang Patnugutan
(About Editing)

English to Tagalog dot com continues to embark on learning about other Filipino major languages namely: Ilocano, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano. In this newsletter, we feature our Team Consultant's blogs. The consultants/ translators write not only in English and Tagalog but mainly in their native language. Each team consultant handles the language, with homegrown fluency and a celebrating attitude. While these linguists enjoy and maintain their professional day jobs they are also full-time, published, and multi-awarded writers.

Clearly, a tested guide to a faithful and accurate translation is a sensitivity to the nuances of the language. If the linguists know the technical rationale for their choices, they can defend their choices objectively. But love and passion for the language will also drive the linguists toward the best sources for applied linguistics. Add a love for Philippine literature to this mix and you have a truly rich source for language interpretation.

Till the next update

"Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, higit pa sa hayop at malansang isda." Jose Rizal

The Wordhouse Team

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