The "Filipiniana" page in https://www.english-to-tagalog.com reviews award-winning novels, poetry, creative non-fiction, and plays by Filipino authors.  Since there are just too many books to read and too little time to read them, this review section has chosen to read books from a list of award-winning Filipino literature. The intention is primarily to underscore both the literary style and milieu of the literary text as perceived in and through the narratives.

The awards do not in any way influence the personal reading of the text. Sometimes, other references are consulted to support the review's contentions and to validate a reading, but more often, plain and simple feelings and opinion preside in the critical appreciation of the literary piece. The review may not always echo a general perception of the literature nor give it a positive calculation. Which is to say that these are highly opinionated reviews that need or need not become part of any conversation that may have been ignited, suppressed, or encouraged by this or by other reviews pertaining to the material, subject matter, theme, or purpose of the book under review. 

The following award-giving institutions have been considered as main lists of books to review: The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, The National Book Award, The Catholic Mass Media Award  and the National Children's Book Awards

Novels and short stories [or anthologies of] reviewed are arranged alphabetically in this list. We will update this list from time to time. There will be a separate list for non-fiction and for poetry. You are welcome to submit your own book review of a Filipiniana Title. Thank you very much.

Ang Huling Anti-Cristo - Eros Atalia

Illustrado - Miguel Syjuco

Lumbay ng Dila - Genevieve Asenjo

Mga Prodigal - Luna Sicat

The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata - Gina Apostol

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