Tagalog Translation Tools

Tagalog translation tools have become invaluable in Tagalog translation. But translation memory tools are just that, machine tools. They can't be relied on to perform as human translators will. Any Tagalog machine translation must be revised and revision must be considered part of the forward translation process. Especially if cost is an issue, source should not course translation via a machine in the first place. A competent human translator may be more expensive yet, in the long run, getting a real person to translate your document will save you many embarrassments. 

One of these embarrassments is when you pass your Tagalog machine translation to a proofreader. Bluntly, it is an insult to have a human proofreader proof a machine-produced translation. (That is, you pay the proofreader the proofreading rate when what is needed is more than proofreading). This is plain and simple labor exploitation. Rather, you should sub-contract this human proofreader as reviser and and pay him accordingly. Note that proofreading is paid by the hour, but a reviser of a machine translation must be paid by word. Unless your proofreader is kept blind about the nature of the translation, that proofreader should reject the rate that is for a proofreader. 

For Tagalog translators, note that a few dollars is not worth the effort if your professional judgment is exploited. And sometimes, this practice of exploiting the language professionals happen because we allow it. Proofreading must be done at the last stage of translation, not when the Tagalog translation tool has come up with a language product that is plain and simple bad.

See a Sample of a Machine Translation and the Final Revised Product

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