Tagalog Publisher of Blogs

Tagalog publisher focuses on thoughtful blogs. More Tagalog books have become popular in recent times. A new breed of writers recognize that even in this flat global world, English does not always rule among the local milieu. However, most of these Tagalog publications are fiction. Tagalog publisher is excited to read more creative non-fiction in Tagalog.

Tagalog blogs are of the following variety:

  • Academic Tagalog - where big ideas from scholars and language mentors get elocution.
  • Conversational Tagalog - where big ideas from great minds are communicated in the most what-can-get-across-immediately variety, that is, with full respect of target readers (which are consciously targeted)
  • Taglish - where big ideas from in-your-face life encounters get real-time elucidation (that is, there is no time to think of pure Tagalog equivalents)
  • Tagalog Dialect - where big ideas come directly from the pens of authors from specific parts of the Tagalog region and they are stubborn about their heart language
  • English and Tagalog - where big ideas are bilingually presented 
  • Text Tagalog - well, sometimes big ideas come in oral symbols
  • Filipino - or put this in place of the word Tagalog, in all of the above

Tagalog publisher welcomes your link and will be happy to (A) follow your blog. We reserve the right to not put up the link on our site if we believe that your blog isn't up to our standards. The following are subjects we would very much like to follow:

A. Tagalog blogs on Tagalog books and writers

B. Tagalog blogs on Filipino traits, habits, customs

C. TAgalog blogs on Filipino films (past and present)

D. Tagalog blogs on Filipino music

E. Tagalog blogs on Filipino comics or animation

F. Tagalog blogs on Filipino OFWs 

G. Tagalog blogs on Philippine history (nostalgic bent)

H. Tagalog blogs on Philippine Art and artists (or the Philippine art scene)

Our desire is (B) to encourage bloggers to submit their blogs of big ideas to be considered for publication, marketing and distribution. You can be sure that Tagalog publisher will guide you through the process of collection, review, editing, and publishing your collection once you get invited. 

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