Tagalog Spelling 
Follows Rules for spelling Filipino

Major concerns regarding Tagalog spelling were discussed in a series of forums held on 13 August 2005, 2 March 2006, and 21 April 2006. The forums were sponsored by the Committee on Language and Translation, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and attended by representatives from language development groups including the Center for Research and the Commission on the Filipino Language, teachers, writers, editors, and other language enthusiasts. The forums focused on issues arising from the entry of new letters into the Filipino Alphabet, and also some old problems that needed a clearer solution. During the third session last 21 April 2006, those who were present agreed on the following rules for spelling:

1 Regarding Borrowed Words

1.1 Spell in Filipino except in the following cases:

1.1.1 Proper Noun. Example: Shih Huang Tih, Washington Circle, Shinjuko, Czech, National Basketball Association, Halili Beer, Victoria Peak.

1.1. 2 Technical or Scientific Words. Example: carbon dioxide, chemotherapy, green house effect, pizzicato, sodium glutamate, varicose, x-ray

1.1. 3 Words that have special cultural connotation. Example: bolshoi, feng shui, geisha, gourmet, jazz, joie de vivre, kibbutz, mardi gras, pizza

1.1. 4 When deviating from the original spelling will make the word look awkward or funny if spelled in Filipino. Example: jeywoking (jaywalking), "rendevu" (rendezvous), "saykayatrist" (psychiatrist), "klu" (clue), "Oderv" (hors d'euvre), "feris wil" (ferris wheel), "pastits" (pastiche), "montadz" (montage).

1.1. 5 The original spelling is well-known. Example: coke, duty-free, faux pas, fax, file, jai alai, jogging, mall, shabu, shopt, x-rated

1.2 In spelling borrowed words in English that contains the 11 vowel sounds, choose the nearest sound in Filipino. Example: drayb (drive), geyt (gate), istandardiseysiyon (standardization), layt (light)

1.3 Separate the borrowed words from the Tagalog prefix using a hyphen. Example: mag-delete, i-delete, nag- hot oil, i-salvage, mag-email-han. Avoid the affix within the word if the foreign words are being used as verbs, and do not change the spelling. But if this can't be avoided, spell the borrowed words in Filipino. Example: dumelit, hinat-oyl, sinlaveyds, inimeyl.

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Update your spelling using the latest edition of UP Diksyunaryong Filipino (University of the Philippines Filipino Dictionary), 2010