Tagalog or Filipino

Tagalog or Filipino? Here are examples of variations from some Tagalog documents that could offer some useful hints when checking consistency of Tagalog or Filipino.

1. Recovery News Sample source text (ST) 

Sample target Text (TX)

Tagalog literal meaning (Tag):1 Balita para sa Muling Pagbangon
news for Rising again, or Again Rising

note: The context dictates that this news is for the people who are now trying to recover from the disaster.

Tagalog alternative meaning (Tagl)

Muling pagtayo, Bagong Buhay

standing up again, new life 

Alternative translation in Filipino (FILL)

Filipino may use – Mga Balita na may kinalaman sa Pagrerekober 
News which has something to do with Recovery

Translation in Filipino (Fil)

Mga Balita para sa mga Nagrerekober sa Sakuna 
News for those who are recovering from the disaster

2 (ST) Crisis Counseling

(ST)(Tag) Pagpapayo sa mga Dumadaan sa Krisis
Giving advice to those who are undergoing crisis 

(FIL)Pagka-kawnsel Ukol sa Krisis
Giving counseling regarding the Crisis 

3 (ST)county


note:Using the generic "lugar" meaning “place” is a compromise since a US "county" can’t be translated into “nayon” (town); “village” (barangay); “probinsya” (province); or “bukid” (farm)

4 (ST)wild fires

(TX) (TAG) malalaking sunog 
big fires (or many big fire) 

note:Tagalog may repeat the adjective to indicate a superlative aspect
(TAGL) malaking-malaking sunog 
very very big fire

(TAGL) napakalalaking sunog very big fires or (many) big fire

5 (ST)deep emotional impact (general)

(TX)(TAG)matinding sakit sa kalooban (specific) br> heavy pain in the insides

(FILL)malalim na epekto sa emosyon 
deep effect on the emotion

(FILL)malalim na impak sa emosyon 
deep impact on the emotion

note: the transliteration “impak” for impact may be immediately understood only if read side by side with the original or if the user is always using the word impact.

6 (ST)Head of the federal effort for the disaster

(TX)(TAG)Pinuno ng federal na pagsisikap na matulungan ang mga inabot ng sakuna
Head of the federal effort to help those who were victims of the disaster

7 (ST)grant 

help – tulong
bigay – given


8 (ST)feelings of being overwhelmed

(TX)(TAG)pakiramdam na parang dinadaganan 
feeling as if a very heavy weight is upon you

9 (ST)increased anger or aggression 

(TX)(TAG) Mas malalang galit o hangad na manakit 
worst anger or desire to hurt or inflict pain

(FIL)mas malalang galit o agresyon
worst anger or agression

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