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We Saw This Film


We Picked These Novels

Mga Prodigal, An Appreciation

Eros Atalia's, Ang Ikatlong Anti-Kristo

Miguel Syuco's Illustrado

Gina Apostol's The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata

We Watched This Play

Lumbay ng Dila, Em Mendez

Ibalong, Tanghalang Pilipino

We Love Poetry

Dinah Roma's Love Poems

Adrian Crisostomo Ho Writes Anxiety Into Poetry

Mesandel Arguelles' Poetry

Vim Nadera: Textula 1 and 2

We Read This Translation

La Traviata in Tagalog

We Enjoyed These Books on Beauty, Art and Faith

Josil Gonzales, Librokado Short Reviews

Bencab A Filipino Artist

Designing Filipino Meditations on a Monograph 

We Enjoy the Local Color

Tips for Your Jeepney Ride, Ruth Floresca

Wakes and Funerals Filipino Style

Filipino Christmas Jun Gonzaga

Hiligaynon and Kiniray-a, Genevieve Asenjo

HurtLocker in Kiniray-a

Is the Dragon the Bakunawa

We're Lost in Translation

Fully Free in 150 years? NJ the Scribe

Kid's Games 

Pinoy Language of Food  

We're just Babbling

Bakit Magsusulat

Si Jane Austen, Manunulat

Uncle Tom's Cabin, ni Harriet Beecher Stowe

Ang Katapatan ni Job-Pagninilay



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