Wanted Editor: (self-publishing)

Wanted Editor. You are searching for one because you just finished your manuscript and you are impatient to take it to the printing press. Yet, you don't quite know what an editor does. From your end, you're basically looking for somebody to check your grammar. This is especially true among Filipinos writing in English. They want an expert second opinion on whether they have used English correctly since there is always that tinge of doubt as to their fluency in this second language. But an editor who agrees to edit your manuscript will do, not only a grammar check, but also two or more or a combination of the following processes.

1. Reading for Structure: an editor will evaluate structure, organization, voice and tone and suggest structural improvements if necessary (during a direct, one on one with the author).

2. Reading for Style: an editor will do a careful style check, which is a line by line scrutiny of the text. This process is usually a most tedious and time-consuming task that cannot be cut short.

3. Reading for Sources:An editor will check the text against the author's references and validate acquired information. She must ensure that sources are cited correctly and that there will be no copyright infringement.

4. Proofreading: an editor will check all graphic elements of the layout. This is especially crucial during proofreading, which is a final process before and after lay-out. 

5. Marketing suggestions: an editor is the the second best person to know how a book can be packaged. The editor may suggest book cover ideas (must know graphic artists and illustrators), write a blurb or endorsement, and sign up prepaid orders.

These simplified processes demand language skills and publishing expertise. Aside from these, both the author and editor must be aware of similar materials being sold in the market and assess the competition. Even before reading the manuscript, the editor must ask the author about the unique quality of his material, then test whether this uniqueness is prominent in the author's tone, style and organization.

When you've found somebody to edit your work, be sure that he or she knows what is expected of one who responds to your Wanted Editor announcement.

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