Wordhouse jobs: Submit an Anecdote
or a Very Short Story "About Tagalog"

Wordhouse jobs now calls for submission of:

Creative Non-Fiction

  • must be 500 words long.
  • must be written in English and Tagalog
  • must be about Tagalog and Pinoy culture, Tagalog words, or Tagalog idioms and expressions.
  • can be serious, satirical, sad or humorous.
  • must be your original creation
  • must not contain offensive language even if you are writing about "bad Tagalog words"


  • must be via email as WORD attachment or Rich Text Format
  • must be accompanied by a half-page bio data or description of the author/contributor, and contact information.
  • may be accompanied by a gif. graphic or picture that can be easily uploaded together with the article.
  • must be your best final draft. (We don't edit submissions; we will simply reject them if they are poorly written.)
  • must not exceed three in one e-mail
  • if posted at any wordhouse site will be awarded a P500.00 honoraria fifteen days after posting.
  • will not be returned if not posted.
  • becomes the property of wordhouse once paid.


  • will be given notice of acceptance within a week if their articles are accepted for posting.
  • will not be given notice of rejection if unsuccessful.
  • may submit their articles elsewhere if they are not given notice of acceptance within a week.
  • may submit only a maximum of three excellent anecdotes/very short story in a month's time.
  • may be asked to tweak their articles to use some key word targeting in favor of marketing.
  • may use a pseudonym if desired
  • may not post the article on their personal or business blog with link to Wordhouse site.
  • may reuse the article only after six months of posting
  • may be asked to sign a contract that protects Wordhouse intellectual property rights.

Page Posts

  • are within one month to two months after notice has been given.
  • will be automatically promoted on the Tagalog at Wordhouse e-zine
  • will be submitted to the major search engines, but there is no guarantee of exposure on the top thirty rankings.
  • are syndicated via RSS feeds.

Watch for other Wordhouse jobs: We also accept___ in English only

  • poems in Tagalog with translation into English and vice versa (with honoraria). Poetry will be posted at the english-to-tagalog blog  .
  • Book Reviews of Tagalog Books (must contain a very short summary and an insightful comment)
  • Short essays about Tagalog, Culture, Tagalog Region (includes Bulacan, Quezon, Rizal, Palawan, Mindoro, Cavite, Batangas, and Nueva Ecija)
  • 500 word article about a Tourist spot in the Tagalog Area (promotional venue, no honoraria)
  • short profiles about known personalities in the Area (must be accompanied by pictures)

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