Anong Tagalog sa...
Pakihanap nga Po

Anong Tagalog sa - (What's the Tagalog equivalent of) This is what Tagalogs say when looking for the exact equivalent of an English word, idiom, phrase, or expression.

Often, the main challenge for translators is how to ensure that their translations are faithful, not only to the meaning of the text, but also to its application in Philippine culture.

Anong Tagalog sa.... Technical translation may offer an easier challenge than  literary translation, because technical jargon may just be better left in English, or spelled as pronounced in Tagalog (transliteration). Meanwhile, it is easier to get lost in the translation of literary texts. 

What are some issues in English to Filipino/Tagalog translation of texts on Medicine, Pharmaceutical and/or Health care, Religion? Law? Science and Technology? Practical Arts? Business? Education? Each field offers a different set of challenges. 

Visit this list: 

Anong Tagalog sa... a word, a phrase, a sentence, an idiom, an expression.... 

Another major challenge for translators is how to make sure the translation does not read like a translation. When there are no exact equivalents, how far can a translator go in, for example, interpreting a text? or paraphrasing? or using a cultural idiom?

See some sample solutions to these various concerns regarding English to Tagalog translation. But remember that as always, translators may vary in their opinions.

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