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The Filipino Film "Ploning"

The Filipino Film "Ploning" tackles themes about eternal peace and life after death, but in tones subtly engaging the audience using the panoramic views of Curon Palawan, Philippines

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Tagalog Vocabulary Builder for Kids

Tagalog vocabulary can always be enhanced by translation. Some kid's games provide a fun exercise to build a Tagalog glossary.

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Sample Tagalog translation

Visit pages of sample Tagalog translation for additional insights on how freelancers may process their works and give ideas on your own checking of outsourced assignments.

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Technical Tagalog Translation

In translating from English to Technical Tagalog, the best assurance for accuracy of meaning is when a translator works closely with a practitioner in the technical discipline.

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Tagalog Translation Notes

Tagalog translation notes apply when nuances need to be explained because certain choices are not exactly wrong, only, unidiomatic.

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Tagalog sample translation

More Tagalog sample translation will give you an glimpse of a comparison between Tagalog translations. How do you distinguish which is best?

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