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Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop at English to Tagalog Dot Com - Basic Principles and Processes

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Servants of God's Word, Masters of Man's Words

As writers we are servants of God's Word. Writers have a love affair with words, a life-long romance and adventure

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Talk in Tagalog

While anybody can talk in Tagalog, not everybody will be able to appropriate the context. Of course, only the native speakers know. But translators will benefit from the exposure to such contexts.

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Choosing Natural and Idiomatic Tagalog

How a Tagalog speaker chooses natural and idiomatic Tagalog, versus wooden, unnatural speech

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What is an idiom?

Idioms appear in formal style and in slang, in poetry, in the language of Shakespeare and the Bible.

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Tagalog-Prepositions (Pang-ukol)

Tagalog Prepositions - List of Pang-ukol (which may or may not translate into prepositions)

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Tagalog Pronouns

Tagalog pronouns can be grouped into three forms according to function: subject pronouns, object pronouns, and possessive pronouns.

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