Looking for Tagalog Freelance Translator and Team Consultant?

Meet your freelance translator Tagalog at Wordhouse. The team is composed of four core translators who leads a team of native-speakers. The four core teams are 

TEAM Tagalog/Filipino

Team Cebuano/Davao Cebuano

Team Hiligaynon/Ilonggo

Team Ilocano/Iloko

Each team leader is a native speaker of the language and can be assigned any of the following tasks 

  • Editing, Review, Validation, or Testing of Translations
  • Translation and Proofreading
  • Coordinating with groups of freelance workers (they each three core members)
  • Managing on site interpretation jobs
  • Connecting you to the nearest language expert interpreter

There are too many freelancers out there, all experts in their native tongue.But how about us working together to ensure fast, accurate and culturally relevant texts through writing, editing, or translation?

Come visit all the pages in this site. Have coffee, read with bookworm, browse the "lectures", feel at home here at Wordhouse. We care about your ideas. That's the difference.

So Hello There. 
Enjoy your visit.


The Wordhouse Team
freelance translators

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