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A rich source of context and inspiration about the soul of the Filipino people and their artistry, creativity, and wisdom. Not only the Tagalog experts but the literary gurus, too.

"Sawikaan, mga salita ng taon" chooses the word which dominated Filipino discourse in the past year. The Surian ng Wikang Pambansa will have more updates on activities regarding the Filipino language.

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Our Team consultant in Hiligaynon is an award winning novelist. Visit her Hiligaynon website.

Our Team consultant in Ilocano is a prolific writer of short stories and poetry. Visit his website and tap your Ilocano roots.

Our Team consultant in Cebuano works freelance with non-government organizations and other cause oriented groups. Visit her creative writing blog here.

We are sharing our summaries [and musings] of critical works by noted Filipino writers. We begin our Filipiniana series with a run through of these important essays.

As we are students of Philippine history, we enjoy every bit of history that is penned by our favorite historian.

"Making Filipino Culture Work for You:  a Cross-cultural Orientation Seminar (CCOS) is an online seminar composed of three modules designed to deepen understanding of Filipino culture and how it operates in the workplace." We document these workshops for Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture.