Translate to Tagalog ASAP 

We Translate to Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilocano

We Edit, Review, Proofread, Validate, Localize

  1. Clinical Research Literature
  2. Pharmaceutical Detail Sheets
  3. Health Care Supplementary Literature
  4. Health Survey Questionnaires
  5. Technical How-to-do Manuals
  6. General Literature
  7. Creative Non-Fiction
  8. Legal Memos and letters
  9. Certifications
  10. Bible Literature
  11. Letters and Memos
  12. Brand Names/Titles

To protect our clients we do not use as samples documents they sent us for translations unless we are given permission do do so.

Although we are dealing with Tagalog samples here, we have culled our insights from translating in at least four major Filipino languages, that is, Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Ilocano.

We generally follow the principles of  dynamic translation, but we adjust and interact with the text, always conscious of a specific audience as dictated by the jargon of the source documents and the specifications of the clients. 

Translate to Tagalog Guide
for Checking and Review

To translate from English to Tagalog is to make sure that all the dynamic elements of the target language are in place without deducting from the meaning of the source text. 

  1. Are all the chosen vocabulary accurate for the context of the sentence?
  2. Have all the sentences been translated into a smooth, natural order, understandable in one reading?
  3. Are there smooth transitions and no awkward slips between sentences and paragraphs?
  4. Do the Tagalog / Cebuano / Hiligaynon / Ilocano verb aspects correspond accurately to the English verb tenses?
  5. Can the translation be edited further so it can be made shorter according to the demands of page design, without compromising faithfulness and accuracy to meaning?
  6. What about coining new words, transliteration, tag-lish, and code-switching?  When are these necessary?
  7. Is the translation consistent in all aspects of style?
  8. Are there spelling inconsistencies? Have all the variations been checked against all available supporting references?

Follow our updates about trends in the Tagalog language at the Tagalog at Wordhouse newsletter. 

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