Wordhouse Helps Process Your Ideas Into Books

Dear New Author,

We at Wordhouse believe that certain ideas need a timely sharing. These ideas can be packed into:

  • comic books for children or adults
  • hip how-to-manuals
  • novelty compilation of fiction and non-fiction works
  • culture, lifestyle, and hobby coffee-table books
  • e-books
  • inter-active cards and other multi-media presentations
But due to tough publisher's SOP's and limitations, most of these ideas remain inaccessible to target readers. Often, ideas go to waste or lose their relevance and timeliness because of a lack of immediate professional help and support.

As a new author you will surely face problems with regards to the publication of your "baby". We at Wordhouse know what it's like to see all your hard work go to naught. We understand how frustrating it is when people are just too busy to listen to your ideas. But we also recognize that the main reason publishers reject manuscripts, aside from poor writing, is the manuscript's failure to fill a gap in the publisher's wish list of books to publish. Or there may be a book out there already that says exactly what you want to say. As a new author you will have to also do your homework in the area of competition because, let's face it, publishing is business, and who wants to publish anything that nobody would read because it doesn't offer something new or unique?

But not all books are for public consumption. In fact you may just want to

  • compile your family history,
  • or put your mother's story in an album,
  • or bind your poems into a coffee-table book.
Another reason we are in business then, is to help

make your own personal vision known.

We want to help you

package your ideas for maximum impact

to your community, family, friends, colleagues, and who knows, to secondary readers out there who will benefit from your wisdom, knowledge and experience. At Wordhouse, you have allies if you need...

Co-Writers and Researchers

Case 1 - if you have only an idea of what you want to do and you want a thorough research on the project.

Case 2 - if you already have the outline and the research, but you want help in putting them together.

Case 3 - if you are already encumbered with a pile of written works that only need to be outlined or sorted out.

Case 4 - if you think you have a great idea but you lack the writing skills or the time to write.

Case 5 - if you are maintaining a website but you just can't write every web content because of your tight schedule


Reading and Consultation - when your manuscript is ready for publishing as far as you are concerned but you want a first reader to give constructive comments and initial reaction.

Copy editing - when your manuscript is ready for publishing and you want somebody to do some serious line by line check of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other elements of style.

General editing - when your manuscript is in need of an overhaul, after it has been rejected by a publisher, or given back for rewrite.

Cover Design and Layout Artists

- when you have finished writing and would simply like to see your idea take book form.

Editing of Original Web Articles

...the wordhouse team will guide you every step of the way.

All writers are, first and foremost, readers. Browse some of the TAGALOG BOOKS we have read and reviewed. These books are all unique in their own way and you may find them fun, useful and informative. You might be thinking after reading, "I want to do something like this."

Wordhouse also compiled WRITING TIPS that you may download. Don't worry, they are free.

Also watch out for announcements of WRITING WORKSHOPS in the Tagalog at Wordhouse newsletter. You might like to meet seasoned WRITERS, ARTISTS, EDITORS, and TRANSLATORS and learn from their personal journeys.

And by the way, if you are passionate about writing something you can also earn from, you can find excellent help next door at sitebuildit, a Wordhouse neighbor you can trust.
From the very start, we always make sure that you don't have any qualms about publishing your own book, and that you know exactly what it is you want before we go forward. But we can also just guide you in the preparation then you can submit it to another publisher.

Although we are always available to help you, you may want to self-publish and create your own ebook. We encourage you to Click Here! and learn more about this process before you proceed.

The web is a huge market for both beginning and professional writers, but how do you maximize your presence on the net as an originator of content? Here's a "bread-and-butter" idea.

share your life's value lessons

If you would like to take a step towards "vanity publishing", then, e-mail us. We will send you the submission guidelines. Before we give you a quote, you will have to send us a sample chapter of your manuscript or at least an abstract of your idea. All contracts and confirmations are sent via e-mail.

Wordhouse cares about your ideas. But you have to let us know how we can help you.