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We Care About Your Ideas

Wordhouse was conceived in 2004 to respond to the growing need for translations of English texts into major Filipino languages. Initially, the Wordhouse Services below gave us momentum to pursue our mission of providing excellent and professional translation, editorial, and writing services using the expertise we have gained through years of experience of working with words. The industry has grown immensely, and today, we have embraced other services such as subtitling, branding, and copy writing among other things. 

Let us help you with

Translation of your documents into four major Filipino languages as follows:

  • English to Tagalog, Tagalog to English (generally-Filipino) 
  • English to Cebuano, Cebuano to English (variation-Cebuano-Davao)
  • English to Hiligaynon, Hiligaynon to English (variation-Kiniray-a)
  • English to Ilocano, Ilocano to English (variation-Iluko)

Translation of the following types of documents

Back Translation of general texts from Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano and Hiligayno to English or vice versa

Editing and evaluation of Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, and Hiligaynon translations (using a grid)

Review of translated texts, for cultural relevance 

Page layout with copy-editing of translations and other written documents 

Proofreading to check style and consistency

The Wordhouse Team would like to think that we are guardians of our language, and the more we care about your ideas, the more we are able to make sure that our language advances well. Tagalog is a dynamic language and as basis for Filipino, which is a confluence of all languages in the Philippines, it is the language understood by more Filipinos here and abroad.

We realize though, that often translations are a matter of expediency. To communicate faster, every client aims at the heart of its target receiver. But lost in the babel of words, they simply often have to accept what is immediately offered.

Wordhouse would like to give an immediate response to job orders for translations but would also like to make sure that quality isn't compromised.

Every translator says this, you say, but well, we don't simply say it. We offer concrete solutions and not mere rhetoric.

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