Write at Wordhouse in your Filipino Language

Write at Wordhouse. We'd like to read about your life-changing experience. Some have trusted us with their life testimonies: this one's from a soldier; a visual artist; a liaison officer; a priest; and a writer

Passion and Discipline

After many years of experience, you have become an expert in your profession. Young professionals would love to read about how you turned out to become one of the respected authorities in your field of expertise. Listen to a lawyer's conviction; and a businessman's secret. 

Daily Spiritual Food

The Bible as a devotional book is inexhaustible. Everybody is always hungry for new spiritual insight. "Thou shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out from the mouth of God." Multiply your insights to inspire those who will read them.

Check this light and engaging piece or read this challenge. 

A Preacher's Legacy

Pastors are passionate in what they do. To exegete a Bible passage, they read and research their Bible text as much as possible . Most of them have wonderful messages to share, but what if they could multiply their messages through books?

Write at Wordhouse about the Full Life

Biographies are popular because people normally want to know about other people. In your family, there is an excellent character, one whose life you'd like to share with others because it is a life well-lived. You may have a mentor, a friend, a long, lost loved one whose image rests in your imagination because he or she left an impact on many lives. Write about a full life; or a life dedicated to a community; or life as a blessed journey; or a restored life; or a life of faith and works; 

Manuals and How-To-Books

There's an "Idiot's guide" to anything, from styling hair to disinfecting your house. You can also make your own "Guiding Manuals". They are not going to be poetic, rather, they need to communicate well and get the right action response from those they are trying to instruct.

A Novel

As one of the Old Testament Kings, Solomon, said "In the writing of books, there is no end." Choose your genre: romance, historical, family saga, psychological thrillers, life passions, mystery, etc. Write your novel now. Together, after you've read and revised it many times, we can develop it to become more entertaining reading. 

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